Only one bus from Strætó is allowed to enter the restricted zone

Here is a map that demonstrates the road closures due …

Here is a map that demonstrates the road closures due to the European Council Summit and the bus routes that will be used. The red area is the closed area. Map/Strætó

Street closures in the city centre for safety reasons for the European Council summit in Harpa that starts tomorrow will affect bus travel. Buses travel along the changed routes from 21 to 19 on Monday until 19 on Wednesday.

Bus routes and traffic delays

It is the same detour routes in the city centre that Strætó uses in connection with the planning of transport on Culture Night.

Routes 1, 3, 6, 11, 12, 13, 14 and 55 run alternate routes around the city center, and Bus nr. 16 runs a detour through Vatnagarðar instead of Sundagarðar.

Traffic delays can be expected throughout the capital area due to the driving of delegations as well as on Reykjanes between the capital area and Suðurnes.

No unauthorized traffic allowed

Jóhannes Svavar Rúnarsson, managing director of Strætó, tells that Strætó has had representatives in a consultation group with the police and other parties in the lead-up to the summit. He says it has been clear from the beginning that there would be no unauthorized car entering the closure area.

Jóhannes Svavar Rúnarsson, managing director of Strætó, says the detour …

Jóhannes Svavar Rúnarsson, managing director of Strætó, says the detour routes used by strætó because of the area closurea are similar to the ones always used on Culture Night in August every year. Photo/Strætó

“As a rule, when there is such a big meeting with leaders, big cars aren’t allowed in the area,” says Rúnarsson.

However, he says that one car will be on the bus service. The bus will be inside the closing area, but the car will belong to the driving service for people with disabilities. Very few trips are generally made into this area, according to Rúnarsson, and he says that Strætó does not know that anyone who uses the driving service lives in the area which is closed.

Thorough inspection

Rúnarsson says that if people have to go into the closure area, they will change their car at the city hall. He then says that a police officer will accompany the car so that it can be diverted from the potential danger zone and the passengers’ safety can be guaranteed. The officer will be in direct contact with the control center and can guide the driver if necessary.

“The car has gone through a thorough search and inspection and it has been certified. It is located inside this area and is not allowed to leave the area at night and go back into it in the morning.”

At the initiative of Strætó

Rúnarsson says that the detour routes were chosen on Strætó’s initiative and that the focus was on keeping it simple.

“It’s all been done in good consultation with us and we’re very satisfied. Our suggestion was to drive past the closures so that we weren’t having some turmoil or problems inside the neighbourhood,” he says.


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