The injured woman was taken to Reykjavík

The woman, who was injured on Grímsfjall in Vatnajökull glacier, was taken by a Coast Guard helicopter this morning from Höfn to Reykjavík. This is confirmed by the Icelandic Coast Guard’s information officer Ásgeir Erlendsson.

Took nine hours to find the group

Around 150 people were part of a rescue operation on Grímsfjall in Vatnajökull glacier, Iceland, yesterday. A ski group managed to reach the top of the mountain when a woman in the group got injured in a skiing accident requesting assistance. Search conditions were extremely difficult and it took about nine hours to find the group.

The woman who was injured was taken down the mountain by snowmobile and later by helicopter flight to Reykjavík. Rescue teams from Hornafjörður, Hvolsvöllur, East Iceland and the capital area were involved in the search.

Completed at dawn

The group was finally just before midnight yesterday and operations were completed just before this morning, after 6 AM, according to Jón Þór Víglundsson, information officer for ICE-SAR Landsbjörg.

Víglundsson said he did not know how the condition of the woman and the group, but they had been well-equipped with appropriate gear and clothing. There was some misunderstanding in communication due to language barriers, but the group spoke only Spanish. After getting an interpreter, communications went better and the rescue team got better information about the location of the group on the glacier.


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