Grieving community over the murder of a young man

At the prayer meeting yesterday in Landakotskirkja.

At the prayer meeting yesterday in Landakotskirkja.Óttar

A 27 year old man of Polish descent was stabbed and killed in front of the store Fjarðarkaup in Hafnarfjörður last Thursday night. The alleged murder weapon was found close to the murder site.  Four men, all less than 20 years old, were arrested in relation to the attack and one is in Hólmsheiði prison but the other three are with child care services since they are under 18 years old. The case is under investigation.

Prayer meeting

A prayer meeting was held at Landakotskirkja church in Reykjavík yesterday to support the family and friends of the man who died in the parking lot of Fjardarkaup in Hafnarfjörður on Thursday. Its purpose was to bring people together in order to unite in a difficult moment.

The prayer meeting was called by Kristófer Gajowski, organizer of Support for Ukraine Iceland, who said the prayer meeting was a success and many Icelanders and Poles have come to support the family. Then many residents of Hafnarfjörður have volunteered.

The prayer meeting was devoted specifically to the strength of his mother, who attended the prayer meeting.Óttar

The man had a two year old daughter

The Polish man was 27 and had one two-year-old daughter, Gajowski said.

Four people were detained in custody last night because of the death and all are under twenty years of age. He says the mother is not angry with the parents of those being detained, but the grief is great.

The man was a Catholic, so the prayer meeting was held at Landakotskirkja. The death has taken a lot of pressure on the Catholic community, as well as the Polish community in Iceland.

“In my opinion, the church is the means to give us hope and to strengthen us. We do not want to condone this kind of conduct, and we do not want people to be killed in this way.”

Gajowski would like to thank, finally, Icelandic society and those who gathered in the church today.

"We need as a society to stick together."


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