6,360 car park spaces filling up

Keflavík International Airport.

Keflavík International Airport. mbl.is/Sigurður Bogi Sævarsson

Those who intend to travel over easter might not get a parking spot for their cars at Keflavík International Airport. There are about 6,360 parking spaces at the airport, and it seems likely that they will fill up today or tomorrow.
Isavia has nearly three thousand carpark spaces, but the company announced that most of the spaces were being filled yesterday. Something is free at the short term, but those places are significantly more expensive than the long term ones that are full.
There are also three companies in the airport parking service, Car Parking, Lagging and Base Parking. As noted in today’s Business section of Morgunblaðið, the parking lots at Base Parking are getting full, with about 2,500 parking spaces at their disposal.


Just happens at Easter

The same is happening with Lagning, but they have about 560 carpark spaces, but it also looks like there might not be any left at the end of this day or tomorrow morning.
Car Park has over 300 places available and is also filling up. Something was available, however, when mbl.is contacted them before noon today.
The company’s managers in parking services all said that when the announcement came yesterday from Isavia that everything was getting full, the phone started ringing and it has barely stopped since. One person said that he would never have to put anything on the market before Easter because as soon as the announcement from Isavia was received, all the spaces sold out.
They also said that Easter was the busiest period of the year. The parking lot is never as full as then.


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