Orange weather alert in the northern part of East Fjords until midnight

An orange weather alert is in place in the northern part of the East Fjords until midnight today. Snowfall is expected with poor visibility, especially in the northern part of the region. Transportation disruptions are highly likely.

Meanwhile, a yellow weather warning will be in effect in the southern part of the East Fjords. Significant rain and warmer weather, sleet and slippery roads, increased runoff and water growth can be expected.

Today, winds will be in the east and 13-20 meters per second, winds in the southeast, but much slower in the southwest. Rain or sleet will be possible with temperatures ranging from 2 to 10 degrees, while in some parts of the north, snow will be in the north with temperatures near freezing. Considerable precipitation will continue in the east.

Tomorrow, winds of 8-15 meters per second are expected to blow southeastward along the east coast. Rain with a band of rain will be possible, but the weather will not stop in the north. Temperatures will be between 5 and 11 degrees, warmest in the north.


Light drizzle


7 °C



10 °C



8 °C

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