Coldest March in Reykjavík this century

It looks like March of 2023 is going in the …

It looks like March of 2023 is going in the history books as the coldest month of March in Reykjavík this century. Jóhannesson

In the final days of March, it has become clear that it is going down in history books. It is by far the coldest March of this century in Reykjavík. Likewise, it has been the driest and sunniest.

“The rest of the month is by far the coldest March this century and will probably be the coldest since 1979 – but it depends on how the last three days will be,” says meteorologist Trausti Jónsson. After a long cold spell, temperatures of 5-9 are now forecast for the last two days of March in the capital, i.e. Thursday and Friday.

There has been six days of precipitation in Reykjavík in March, including one last week. But the precipitation has been low, so there have been fewer. “The precipitation has never been less on the same March days, but it was similar on the same days as in 1962 and 1937. So it’s still the driest March of the rest of the century, and also the sunniest,” says Jónsson.




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