Police investigating a death that occurred on Sunday

mbl.is/Eggert Jóhannesson

Early Sunday morning, the police were called to a house in downtown Reykjavík. The neighbours had called because of a noise coming from the house.  When the police arrived, three men were found to be in the apartment. One of them was unconscious and showed little vital signs.

An ambulance was immediately called to the premises. Police immediately began CPR, which continued as paramedics arrived. Shortly afterwards the man was pronounced dead in the emergency room of the Landspítali National Hospital, according to a police report.

The police was called to an apartment in downtown Reykjavík …

The police was called to an apartment in downtown Reykjavík because of excessive noise in the early hours of Sunday morning. mbl.is/Kristinn Magnússon

Two men were arrested on the spot and taken to a detention centre. The investigation is under way. Police believe it is unlikely that the death reported this morning was criminally responsible. This is confirmed by Chief Superintendent Grímur Grímsson, as quoted by mbl.is.

Don't think the death is caused by criminal conduct

“It seems unlikely that this death is caused by human activity,” says Grímur, who notes, however, that further investigation of incidents is yet to be done. More people are yet to be interviewed.

Grímsson says that the two men who were arrested at the scene could not be questioned until this morning because of their intoxication. After the questioning the two men were released.

Police say in the announcement that the man’s death is not believed to have been carried out in a way that is suspected of criminal conduct. They also say that police have been investigating the matter since the day it occurred.

“It may well be that there needs to be further discussions with the men, but they are not suspected of having a role in this man’s death,” Chief Superintendent Grímur Grímsson tells mbl.is.




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