Still a risk of avalanches

Yesterday a warning was issued because of a considerable risk of avalanches in the East Fjorda, in the inland of Eyjafjörður and the outer part of Tröllaskagi peninsula. The weather is better today and the avalanche is less likely to fall by itself, but there are indications that the snowfall is still weak. The Icelandic Met Office’s avalanche watch warns people to be traveling in steep terrain because of the situation.

Avalanches possible in the East Fjords

“There is no avalanche going to fall naturally now and only people who could trigger floods at this point. There is good weather today, but there would have to be more wind and precipitation for the avalanches to start falling spontaneously,” an expert on avalanche watch at the Icelandic Met Office tells, adding that there is a possibility that avalanches could fall in the East Fjords due to today’s weather.

Warn people of the dangers

Several avalanches have occurred in the East Fjords in the last few days, the largest in the vicinity of Eskifjörður. The avalanches are not close to the settlements, so the avalanche watchman directs people who are outdoors, skiing on steep slopes, that they should be aware of the danger and don’t take any chances.  

“It’s time to be cautious about steep terrain because there is new snow and some weaknesses and avalanches have fallen. Now we are into a period of mountain skiing and snowmobile skiing, and they need to be especially careful now.”




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