Less Covid infections detected this week

The number of Covid infections last week is the smallest ever this winter, with 40 samples tested positive out of 292.

However, the number of Rhinovirus cases rose last week, with 44 diagnosed compared to 27 the week before. Adenovirus was diagnosed in 18, which iscomparable to last week. Six were diagnosed with RSV, which is a decrease between weeks.

This is the Chief Epidemiologist's summary of respiratory infections from March 6 to March 12.

Influenza on the decline

The number of confirmed cases of influenza is also down, with fewer cases detected last week, up from a total of 26, compared to the previous four weeks. Of these, 23 were diagnosed with influenza strain B, two with influenza strain A(H3) and one with type A(H1).

Fewer people were diagnosed with sore throats last week compared with the previous week, but the number of diagnoses has fluctuated significantly in recent weeks. The number is still far above the average of previous years.




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