Police is interviewing the suspect

Police has arrested the suspect in the shooting at Dubliners bar Sunday evening. The man is currently being questioned and a bail hearing will be held as the day progresses. This is confirmed by Chief Police officer Grímur Grímsson in a written response to the question from mbl.is.

He says the suspect is in his early thirties but chooses not to comment on whether he has a previous history with the police.

As for the bullet that pierced a wall inside the site and the gun found near the scene, Grímsson says he would not comment on whether the gun is related to the attack or the type of bullet. However, he confirms that the found gun is not a 3D printed weapon.

Asked if the investigation is going well, he says the next steps are hearings and reviewing the evidence.

The shot was fired at the Dubliner on Sunday night. The bullet was found lodged in a wall at the bar, and two people were treated afterward. One of them was concerned about his hearing after the incident and the other had a scratch on his head. It was later revealed that the scratch was not caused by the shot.

Then yesterday the suspect was arrested.


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