Tricky road conditions in the capital area

“There are difficult road conditions. Flurry of snow in many areas of the city and we’ve had a few traffic collisions,” says Árni Friðleifsson, Chief Inspector of the Traffic Division of the Metropolitan Police.

“In suburban areas we had started receiving calls earlier today that cars were getting stuck in roads. The snow is light and collects into heaps of snow in the smaller streets.”

Dark snowstorms make it difficult for people, as well as traffic being slowin the capital area as a result. A four-car crash occurred on Sæbraut today.

"Or just order a trip to Tenerife“

“It’s about being careful, that is number one, two and three, to drive according to the conditions.  The dark snowstorms causes people to slow down and the light snow covers the frozen and slippery surface of the road. That needs to be taken into account as well. Or just order a trip to Tenerife,” Friðleifsson jokes.

Hellisheiði was closed but is now open

Out of the city the driving conditions are not better. Earlier both Hellisheiði and Þrengsli were closed on the way to Hveragerði, but they have opened now.

Visibility is limited in Reykjanesbraut as well as in many areas in the South and Southwest of the country.  Therefore, people are urged to drive carefully.


Light snow


1 °C


Later today

0 °C



2 °C

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