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The Last of Us is the latest TV series on …

The Last of Us is the latest TV series on HBO and has been very well received.

The fifth episode of the HBO TV series The Last of Us was accidentally released inside the Síminn streaming service yesterday morning. The episode was soon removed from the streaming service, but those who were up early managed to see the episode.

The Facebook page S01E01 is a private venue for a number of Icelandic TV series enthusiasts. Yesterday, Júlíus Ingason wrote about the incident. In the entry, he says that when he intended to watch the fourth episode of The Last of Us on Síminn streaming service yesterday morning, he got a bit confused.

When Ingason decided to finish the episode later in the evening, he realized that it was not the same show he had watched earlier that morning. Síminn streaming service had put the fifth episode to stream instead of episode four, but when realizing their mistake they corrected it later in the day.

„I know what happens next“

The Last of Us is one of the latest series to hit HBO, and the show airs on Síminn TV in Iceland. The series, based on the video game of the same name, is a hugely popular worldwide hit, and has been very well received. Only a few people on earth know what will happen next, and Julius is one of them.

Ingason went onto the Facebook S01E01 page and wrote:

“Were there others than me who checked out the latest episode (nr 4) of The Last of Us on Síminn? I was going to finish the episode at lunchtime, but didn’t find it. I tried again last night and then it was a totally different episode than the one I started this morning. I realised that they must have put episode 5 in by accident this morning. So I know what happens next,” he wrote and ending with a smiley face.

Ingason says he only saw the first fifteen minutes of the show before he had to turn it off. Speaking to, he describes the first few scenes of the show.

Here, wants to put a spoiler warning in place for those who don’t want to know anything until the episode airs.  Ingason says that in the first few minutes of the show, the viewer follows the perspective of the storytellers Henry and Sam as they witness an accident that occurs in the last hours of the fourth episode.

The show is due out earlier

HBO announced yesterday that the fifth episode of The Last of Us would be released earlier than usual in the US. The episodes usually appear on the streaming service on Sundays, but due to the Super Bowl, which will be shown on Sunday next year, on February 12, the release of the fifth will be rushed to Friday.

Síminn streaming service confirms the mistake

Speaking to, Magnús Ragnarsson, managing director of Síminn confirms that the show had gone into the streaming service by accident.

The fifth episode had been released at 6 AM in the morning, but was removed at 9 AM. Those who watch the program will thus have to wait a little longer to see what happens in the fifth episode.


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