Campaign against sexual harassment in the workplace

The Directorate of Labour has launched a new campaign against sexual harassment in the workplace, with the purpose of encouraging workplaces to take action through prevention, education and targeted responses when such issues arise.

The title of the project is “Let’s do this together,” and the action-campaign is done in coordination with the SA Confederation of Icelandic Enterprise, the Directorate of Health, the Directorate of Equality and the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labour.

Give a clear message

“With the action plan, we want to encourage workplaces to give a clear message that sexual harassment is not tolerated and that it will be dealt with when necessary,” according to Hanna Sigríður Gunnsteinsdóttir, director of the Directorate of Labour. “There is a lot of work to be done because sexual harassment can damage the health of employees and negatively impact workplace performance, productivity and reputation.”

A new educational material has been developed and made available on the website of the Directorate of Labour, for example, a video clip on the manifestations and consequences of sexual harassment and the desirable reactions of workplaces and staff when such issues arise. A new digital workplace flow chart with a graphical explanation of the case can also be accessed, accompanied by a checklist of important issues to keep in mind to ensure good procedures. For both the intended victims and perpetrators.

Below is a TV ad for the campaign:


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