Snowstorms all over the country

This picture was taken in Hellisheiði, but not today though. …

This picture was taken in Hellisheiði, but not today though. However, today the heath was closed due to bad snowstorm .Þorkell Þorkelsson

The cold weather this winter continues to halt business as usual in Iceland.

Rescue teams have been called out across the country for the storm today, according to Jón Þór Víglundsson, information officer of Landsbjörg Rescue Team.
“At Snæfellsbær, a car that was stuck in the snow was being taken to Arnarstapavegur. There were tourists present. Another car was reported stuck in the snow on Fróðárheiði. The rescue team of Lífsbjörg in Snæfellsnes was assigned these tasks,” he tells “
Mosfellsheiði had several cars that got stuck cars, probably about four, which were by the fork in the road to Skeggjastaðir, which is just after descending from the heath towards the lake. The rescue team of Kyndill was assigned to help.”
Then Þorbjörn rescue team was sent out to assist a trapped car at Kleifarvatn.

Electricity was out in the Westman Islands

“We drove the entire area to backup power so soon people got electricity,” Landsnet information officer Steinunn Þorsteinsdóttir tells of the aftermath of the crash of the electric line at Rimakot 1 power plant, which fell out around 4 PM today.
The line is now back in service and Vík, Landeyjar and the surrounding area are now receiving electricity in the usual manner, but the Westman Islands are still on standby power according to Þorsteinsdóttir.
She says that the weather in the area has been very bad and the electrical line was swinging in the storm but still working at the moment.

A rescue team car by the road to Vík just …

A rescue team car by the road to Vík just before the road westward bound was closed.ónas Erlendsson

Roads closed

Hellisheiði, Þrengsli and Mosfellsheiði heath have been closed due to the weather.
The ring road from Markarfljót to Kirkjubæjarklaustur has also been closed and from Gígjukvísl to Jökulsárlón.
The Commissioner of the Icelandic Police has declared the level of civil protection uncertainty over the storm, which is due to last tonight and will not pass until tomorrow.


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