Long wait on the airport today

All Icelandair flights were canceled today and most other flights were postponed, some for a full day and a half. The weather forecast was bad for today. Icelandair canceled all flights to USA and Canada today and all flights to Europe this morning were canceled.

Few people were traveling to the airport terminal of Leifur Eiríksson this morning when mbl.is took a look, but those in the waiting room had many of them waited for more hours because of flight delays. It was also foreseen that few, if any, flights would take off until later in the day.


The benches could be more comfortable

Jillian and Carol were in excellent mood, though, when they spoke to mbl.is. They had left the house at around half past five this morning and had not been notified of the postponement of their morning flight to Manchester until they had arrived at the airport.

However, they said that the staff was friendly but the benches at Leifsstöð can be more comfortable.


Partly cloudy


-2 °C


Later today

0 °C



2 °C