280 tons of pillar rocks used for the hot tubs of Torfhús Retreat

The 25 houses are built in the style of the …

The 25 houses are built in the style of the old Icelandic farm. mbl.is/Eggert Jóhannesson

Two hundred and eighty tons of pillar rock are used for the luxurious Torfhús Retreat accommodation in the land of Einholt in Bishopstungur. The very popular hot tubs by all the guesthouses are built with the pillar rocks. All the guesthouses are built in the old fashioned way of Icelandic farms with turf roofs.

Torfhús Retreat began its operations in August of 2019, shortly before the Covid-19 pandemic began.

Every house has its own hot tub and here you …

Every house has its own hot tub and here you can see the pillar rocks that make the tub organically blend into the landscape. mbl.is/Golli

Since the travel restrictions due to the pandemic were finally lifted last summer, attendance has been growing and the number of people booked for the recent Christmas festival was tight. The booking status for 2023 also looks good according to CEO Sigurdur Hafsteinn Sigurðsson.

Exclusive experience

In the hotel restaurant is the new concept that guests do not receive menus so each meal is truly a trip of uncertainty.

The restaurant is unique and is designed for guests only. High quality cooking is a priority.

The area is access controlled. A gate automatically slides sideways, allowing cars to enter. "It was a necessary addition. It had become too much of people inviting themselves to visit the guesthouses and even to trying to look through the windows. We want to make sure that the guests had a good night's privacy."




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