Police chased down the suspect


Sometimes the life of police seems like a scene of a movie, chasing dangerous people on the run. While most of the population is fast asleep the police is on the beat looking out for the creatures of the night who sometimes are not up to any good and more often than not alcohol or drugs are involved.

In the daily brief of the police departments today one such case was reported. At one AM police signalled to a driver to stop in order to check if he was under the influence of alcohol and to see his license. The driver disregarded the police stop sign and started speeding and drove like there was no tomorrow and ended up after a police chase off the road.

The incident occurred within the Kópavogur and Breiðholt police districts. It was by sheer luck that the car did not end up in someone’s back garden. After losing the car off the road the driver started to run from the scene but police chased him and finally managed to arrest him. It turned out that the driver was wanted by the police for other issues and he was suspected to be under the influence of drugs. He was kept in a cell for the purpose of investigation, the Metropolitan Police’s logbook shows.

Attacked a taxi driver

A taxi driver requested assistance around 12:30 AM because of a passenger who violently assaulted him in a taxi in Reykjavík. Not only did the perpetrator attack the taxi driver, he also caused damage to the cab. The attacker was arrested and held in a cell until it would be possible to carry a conversation with him when sobered up.

mbl.is/Eggert Jóhannesson

Drove off the road in Heiðmörk

Approaching the twelfth hour last night, a driver of a car requested the assistance of the police after driving off the road in Heiðmörk. He felt hurt but declined the help of the ambulance service.

Around 1 AM, a driver who appeared to be sleeping under the wheel of a car was reported at an intersection in the police district of Hafnarfjörður and Garðabær. When police intervened, the driver was found to be under the influence of alcohol. He was taken to a station and released after a DUI test had been administered.

Approaching the twelfth hour last night, one person was arrested for assault in Reykjavík and kept in a cell until he sobered up so it was be possible to talk to him.

Thefts were reported from a store in the police district of Kópavogur and Breiðholt around 7 PM yesterday. The matter was dealt with at the scene.


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