Stranded – but in good company

It is not an ideal situation waiting in an airport because of canceled flights. The traveller Caroline Rose found an upside to the situation when she noticed the british actor Damian Lewis on the airport. She asked him to pose with her on a selfie and posted it on Twitter.

On a website dedicated to Lewis the picture is also posted with this caption: 

„Damian was spotted in Iceland at the airport today! Apparently there was a day and a half of Icelandair flight delays and cancellations that stranded hundreds at Keflavik. There were reports of passengers sleeping on check-in baggage belts, escalator steps and even luggage carts. Damian was stuck, too, but no word if he was flying for business or pleasure.“

Lewis was nominated for the Golden Globes for his role in Band of Brothers. His latest role is in Spy Among Friends.


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