Talked about becoming members of a "death squad" Jóhannesson

Two men charged with terrorism offenses talked about comitting mass murder, including shootings and driving a truck through the pride parade. Then one of them said that one day they would be members of the right wing death squad (RWDS).

Their relations escalated as their arrest neared, on September 21st.

This is reflected in the decision of the District Court, which has now been published. However, the decision was turned over to the Court of Appeals on Tuesday and the men were released.

Under the influence of alcohol and talking in jest

The two men's interaction spanned several months and included statements of atrocities, attempts to harm the foundations of the state, and they had checked the timing of the Police annual fest as has been reported.

One of the men, in a police report, denied any involvement in preparation of terrorist acts and found his comments about the atrocities to be meaningless, presented under the influence of alcohol and in jest. He said he realized that the evidence looked very bad for him.

Nazi flag and explosives – admitted to selling firearms

When police searched his home, police seized two cans containing an unknown liquid, a box containing 43 pieces of 9  millimeter bullets, a 3D printer, a gas pistol, a notebook that appeared to contain a list of bomb-making procedures, a Nazi flag, a Confederate flag and a gas mask.

This case of alleged terrorism is the first of its …

This case of alleged terrorism is the first of its kind in Iceland. Jóhannesson

Then they found traces of white matter, cannabis, a portable storage drive and some disposable cameras.

The man confessed to police that he had manufactured firearms and was involved in turning weapons into semi-automatic weapons, as well as selling them.

Heroes and role models have committed mass killings

On June 22nd, one of them sent a message to the other one, which read: “One day we’ll be in RWDS any way you like it” —“right wing death squad. ” The District Court said about this message:

“It is known that their heroes and role models are known individuals and groups that have committed mass killings and acts of terrorism. It is also known that the accused have various extremist views,” was said especially about one of the men.

A preliminary psychiatric evaluation was used in the decision of the District Court, which considered it necessary to keep the men in custody. However, a judge in the Court of Appeals saw it differently and did not consider the men a danger to themselves or others.


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