Knitted a sweater for Zelensky

The musician Salka Sól Eyfeld knitted an Icelandic sweater for the Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky with the help of her friends. The Minister of Foreign Affairs, Þórdís Kolbrún Reykfjörð Gylfadóttir took the sweater to Ukraine, but she is visiting the country in the company of other ministers from Scandinavia and the Baltic Countries and they have already met Zelensky and some other members of the Ukranian Cabinet.

It started with a strange phonecall

Salka Sól revealed the project on her social media accounts yesterday. “I received possibly the strangest phone call I’ve ever received from a ministerial assistant last weekend. I was asked to knit an Icelandic woolen sweater for the President of Ukraine, which would be presented to him as a gift from the Minister of Foreign Affairs. You can’t say no to a request like this, and meand my friend Sjöfn Kristjánsdóttir decided to make even more sweaters. We knitted two sweaters in five days with a good help from Eygló,” wrote Salka Sól on Facebook, continuing: “

“Zelensky then got his sweaters yesterday but unfortunately he couldn’t be pictured wearing them, but hopefully we’ll see get a glimpse of him wearing an Icelandic sweater, but most of all, of course, we hope this war will end.”

The musician posted this videoclip on her Instagram:




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