A man attacked his ex-wife with an axe

A man attacked his ex-wife with an axe in front of Dalskóli in Úlfarsárdalur valley this afternoon. This is confirmed by Margeir Sveinsson the assistant chief police officer to mbl.is.

The woman was taken to the hospital but is not considered to be in critical condition, Margeir said, but he did not want to go into further details about the woman’s condition.

The man is in police custody and has been remanded in custody.

Children witnessed the attack

According to Vísir the woman was picking up her children from school when the attack occurred and there were many witnesses to the attack, including children.

In an email sent to parents today, Helena Katrín Hjaltadóttir, the principal of Dalskóli, said that the incident involved two children at the school and she urged parents to be careful in discussing the matter in front of their children.

Then she remarked that there had been no shooting, but apparently there were rumours to that effect already circulating.

In the email, Hjaltadóttir explains that a conversation with a school psychologist and social workers will be offered at school tomorrow for those who want to take advantage of it.

“The staff of Úlfabyggð responded professionally in a difficult situation and we want to thank them for that. We will, as always, do everything in order to keep our students safe.”


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