Testerone prescriptions for women have multiplied since last year

The prescriptions of the male hormone testerone for women has multiplied in a short amount of time. The testerone prescribed is a topical gel used on the skin. “Up to september 2021 there were as many presciptions for the hormone issued every month as had been in a whole year the previous years. It is not known whether all the prescriptions were issued to women battling menopause,” says Sigrún Hjartardóttir gynecologist at Kvenheilsa or Women's health center of the capital region.

“Then something happens a year ago. From September 2021 and to the end of February 2022 the number of prescriptions issued to women doubled, and this year the number just goes up. If we compare the number of prescriptions of testerone to women this last September and October to these months a year ago the numbers of prescriptions are now 18 times more this year than last year in these months.”

Hjartardóttir thinks the reason might be discussions on social media about menopause.

Very stressful period in women's lives

Hjartardóttir says that the pressure and stress on 40-50 year old women is incredible, especially considering many of women are entering pre-menopause at this age. The women are often at the top of their careers and working demanding jobs. On top of that there are families at home which adds to the stress.

Children can be at various ages with different needs. Some of the women are already grandmothers and want to help out with their grandchildren and then they are often responsible for the care of elderly parents. The stress of juggling all these things can lead to women getting a burn out or being diagnosed with anxiety or depression and some even drop out of the workplace.

Hjartardóttir thinks that if there is more concern for women at this age it would lead to a more prosperous society. They should be able to work shorter days without losing their pay during this difficult period in their lives.




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