A glacial flood could cause a volcanic eruption in Grímsvötn

It is hard to say whether a glacial flood has started in Grímsvötn in Vatnajökull and detectors will probably not show definitive signs until tomorrow when it is estimated that the possible flood has reached its maximum, according to Salóme Jórunn Bernharðsdóttir, a natural disaster expert at the Met Office.

The National Police Chief in accordance with the police chief in the South declared an uncertainty level alert yesterday because of a possible glacial flood in Grímsvötn. The glacial ice has dropped and the water expected to burst from underneath it will probably show up in Gígjukvísl.

Grímsvötn is on a yellow alert

The water is Grímsvötn is low so a glacial flood is not expected to cause damages to any man made structures.

The alert for Grímsvötn has been changed to yellow showing more activity than normal because the drop in pressure could possibly result in volcanic activity. Thus the glacial run would act as like pressing the trigger of a gun, causing an eruption.
“It is a possibility, but it is more likely that it doesn’t happen,” says Bernharðsdótir. “But as long as the glacial ice is dropping, we are monitoring Grímsvötn.”




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