50-100 litre oil spill when a truck capsized near Reykjavík

The oil spilled from the fuel tanks of the truck.

The oil spilled from the fuel tanks of the truck. Photograph/Sent to mbl.is

It is estimated that around 50-100 litres of oil spilled into the ground when an Eimskip cargo truck capsized just by the exit to Waldorfsskóli. The area is called Lækjarbotnar and it is within the water conservation area for the capital region. The leak was from the fuel tank of the truck. This happened around 4 PM yesterday.

According to a warden of the fire department the clean up went well, but it took around four hours and was finished around 8 o'clock last night. The clean up was done in cooperation with the Department of Health because the area is a water conservation area.

The clean up process involved taking the soil from the contaminated area to prevent an environmental disaster, but it is a legal requirement for the fire department to do their utmost to prevent any harmful effects on the environment. The only difference, in this case, is that when this happens near or in a water conservation area, they need to work closely with the Health Department.




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