First cases of monkeypox reported in Iceland

It looks like the first cases of monkeypox were diagnosed yesterday in Iceland. Two middle aged men were diagnosed with monkeypox in a test in Iceland, and their tests will be sent abroad as soon as possible to confirm the diagnosis. This is reported on the website of the Directorate of Health.

Everything points to the diagnoses being confirmed, but both individuals came from travelling in Europe. Neither of the men is seriously ill.

Mostly transmitted through close contact

"Like was reported in the press releases on the 20th and 23rd of May from the The Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management, monkeypox is not a very contagious viral disease." It is mostly transmitted through close and intimate contact like having sex and kissing but also through contact with clothing, towels or linens that have been in contact with fluid from sores or respiratory droplets at a close range says on the website of The Department of Civil Protection and Emergency Management.

The monkeypox virus is transmitted through close personal contact, including skin-to-skin contact, kissing, contact with clothing or linens that have been in contact with from fluid from sores, and respiratory droplets at close range.

People urged to quarantine

It is also reported on the website that an infected individual can be contagious up to three weeks while sores are healing, but once sores are healed the individual is no longer contagious. While the infected individual is contagious they need to quarantine up to three weeks.

"Everybody who gets sores on their skin, especially on their genitals or in the area around the genitals are urged to quarantine and contact the Department of Dermatology and Veneral Disease in Landsspítali or Health Care Centers to get information on next steps, diagnosis and treatment. It is important that people stay away from close contact with strangers, especially sexual contact during trips abroad."




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