The name of the man who died on Saturday revealed

The site of the alleged murder.

The site of the alleged murder.ólrún

The man who died last Saturday in Bardavogur because of head injuries was Gylfi Bergmann Heimisson. He was born in 1975 and leaves behind four children aged 2 to 24 years old. His notice of passing was published in Morgunblaðið today.

Heimisson worked in the catering industry and among other things started the Gastro Truck. His assailant, who is twenty years old, is in custody until July 1 st .

A few of the neighbours in the area have received trauma assistance from the Red Cross. Brynhildur Bolladóttir the information officer for the Red Cross says that tragic incidents of this sort can cause people anxiety and wants to let people know they can call the helpline 1717 or talk online on is they need assistance. "There were a few people who have been talking to the Red Cross because of this tragedy," she says. Magnússon

It helps to talk about it

Bolladóttir says that trauma assistance is basically a discussion about what happened and just talking about it is helpful. “It is basically a conversation. We have a team who have experience trauma assistance.” She says it is important for people to talk about what happened and know what to expect, especially if people have witnessed traumatic events. Furthermore it is important to have an idea of what feelings might come up in the aftermath.

"When you witness something horrible you feel bad and that is normal. However, if that feeling persists for a long time, then it is important to get help from professionals. For some it is enough to talk things over to get over the worst, but others might need more professional help."

Laugarneskirkja has openened its doors to people who need trauma …

Laugarneskirkja has openened its doors to people who need trauma assistance due to this tragic death on Saturday. Brynjar Gauti

The church welcomes people

Laugarneskirkja is also open for people who want to seek trauma assistance because of the alleged murder in Barðavogur. Davíð Þór Jónsson, the parish priest of the church says that people in this area are in shock.

He says that the church will assist everyone who comes seeking help because of this tragic death, and that it will be their priority.




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