Italian military jets causing noise in Akureyri and Egilsstaðir

People have been complaining about a lot of noise coming from military jets in Akureyri and Egilsstaðir last week. The Italian Air Force has been conducting approaching exercises for some days and it is a part of NATO’s air space security in Iceland.

People have been talking about how people who have escaped wars might be feeling hearing the noise from the jets every day.

Ásgeir Erlingsson who is the information officer for the Icelandic Coast Guard says these practice flights are because of a change in crew in the Italian Air Force so approach exercises were needed. He says that usually these kinds of exercises are not done on weekends, but this weekend it was necessary.

He also points out that the air security is not really more noise than normally, but the weather can have an impact on how noise travels and is perceived.

Flight exercises are reported promptly

When asked if there is any process in place regarding refugees from war zones, like Ukraine who could be dealing with PTSD and therefore very sensitive to warlike noises, he says they try to inform the public in a clear manner in advance about those exercises.

"The Coast Guard sends an announcement to the media about approaching exercises at the outset of each air security session. The announcements are also posted on social media and the Coast Guard’s website. The municipal authorities in Akureyri got the announcement sent especially so they can post the announcement on their website." He adds that they have not had any complaints from refugees here in Iceland.

Take complaints seriously

Erlingsson says that the Coast Guard has not received any complaints from people because of the military jets, but if they had, all complaints are treated seriously, both by the Coast Guard and the Icelandic Aviation authorities.

When asked if the pilots are instructed to show extra caution when flying near populated areas he says that the pilots follow all laws regarding flights in Iceland. He also stresses that there are special set of laws regarding military jets and noise control.




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