Bridges of Northern Lights

Bridges of northern lights.

Bridges of northern lights. Photo/Skúli Már Gunnarsson

Vala Hafstað

The northern lights have been very active in the sky above Iceland in recent days, putting on one magnificent show after another. Many people drove away from the city lights last weekend to enjoy the colorful spectacle, Morgunblaðið reports.

The northern lights activity varies from day to day, and although it was high over the weekend, the coming days will not bring us much activity. You can always check the aurora forecast at . It gives you information for the coming three days.

From the Reykjanes peninsula.

From the Reykjanes peninsula. Photo/Skúli Már Gunnarsson

“There are numerous solar flares, and they are fairly intensive,” Gunnlaugur Björnsson, professor of astrophysics at the University of Iceland, tells Morgunblaðið . “Based on known principles, we can expect many magnificent northern lights shows in the coming years.”

Solar flares sometimes cause vibration in the Earth’s magnetic field, which has been unstable for the past few days, causing the needles of compasses to fluctuate.

A number of photographers flocked to the countryside over the weekend to photograph the northern lights. Among them was Skúli Már Gunnarsson, who traveled south to Reykjanestá point on the Reykjanes peninsula, Southwest Iceland, where many people had gathered. Another popular spot was Þingvellir National Park, Southwest Iceland, where dozens of buses, filled with tourists, headed. All of them were in luck, able to witness an unforgettable show.

Skúli Már took the amazing photos above, one of them showing the northern lights form bridges of light on the Reykjanes peninsula. On the far right, you see Reykjanesviti lighthouse, Iceland’s oldest lighthouse, built in 1908, on Bæjarfell hill.




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