Iceland to Fully Lift Domestic COVID-19 Restrictions in Two Phases

Vala Hafstað

Domestic COVID-19 restriction in Iceland will be lifted in two phases, the first one beginning at midnight, reports. That was announced by Minister of Health Svandís Svavarsdóttir, following a government meeting this morning.

The changes to take effect at midnight are as follows:

  • The maximum number of people allowed to gather will be raised from 500 to 2,000.
  • The social distancing rule will remain one meter.
  • By using rapid COVID-19 tests, exceptions can be made from the social distancing rule as well as from the maximum number of people allowed to gather.
  • The use of masks will no longer be mandatory, with the exception of special rules at healthcare facilities.
  • Keeping a record of the names of guests at events or in restaurants will no longer be required.
  • The operating hours of restaurants, bars and nightclubs will be extended by an hour. They may receive guests until 1 am and must close by 2 am.

The plan is for domestic restrictions to be fully lifted, starting November 18, unless the healthcare system becomes overwhelmed by new cases of COVID-19 by then.

It is assumed that COVID-19 tests will continue to be taken, and isolation, the tracing of infections and quarantine will continue to be employed, but all of those will be reassessed in consultation with the chief epidemiologist.




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