Iceland´s new coronavirus measures explained in detail

On Friday the government of Iceland introduced new restrictions aimed at slowing the spread of SARS-CoV-2. The restrictions will come into effect on July 25th and will last at least until August 13th.

Gatherings are now limited to 200 persons, but exempt from that limit are children born in 2016 or later. In addition people are required to maintain a social distance of 1 metre, but children born in 2016 or later are also exempt from that rule.

A face mask mandate has been reintroduced, requiring people to wear masks indoors and in places where it is not possible to maintain the 1-metre rule. Children born in 2006 or later are exempt.

Stores cannot allow more than 200 customers to enter at any time. Swimming pools, bathing facilities and fitness centres are limited to 75% of their maximum capacity, and are requested to disinfect equipment between users.

Museums are also capped at 75% of maximum capacity, and sporting events will be allowed provided that the number of participants not exceed 100. A maximum of 200 spectators are allowed „in each compartment“, and they must sit in numbered seats. The sale of refreshments at sporting events is not allowed while the measures are in place.

For stage performances and comparable functions up to 100 persons are allowed on stage and up to 200 guests are allowed in each compartment (e.g. in each cinema auditorium). Intermissions are allowed but refreshments may not be sold during breaks and guests must sit in numbered seats.

The activities of religious and philosophical organisations are capped at 200 participants.

Restaurants, bars and the like may only have 100 persons in each compartment. The sale of alcoholic beverages is limited to seated customers and guests must be registered. Businesses of this type must close no later than 23:00 and be emptied before midnight.

Campsites and caravan sites are required to follow any instructions of the Icelandic Tourist Board and Chief Epidemiologist.




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