Long queues at airport as Covid rules slow down check-in process

The airlines operating out of Keflavik Airport, Iceland’s main international airport, are finding it hard to cope with an increased flow of travellers leading to long queues at check-in counters and delayed flights. Last Saturday all of Icelandair’s flights to Europe were delayed for this reason, many of them taking off an hour behind schedule.

In an interview with Mbl.is Birna Osk Einarsdottir CCO of Icelandair says that the problem is primarily due to the fact that passengers can no longer use their smartphones or dedicated kiosks at the airport to check themselves into flights. Instead airport workers must verify that each passenger has the right paperwork to comply with the health-, vaccination- and testing requirements of the country they are flying to.

Einarsdottir says that Icelandair sends an e-mail to their passengers before the day of their flight with information intended to help them make sure that they have all the necessary papers and test results. She adds that a majority of travellers come to the airport well prepared and have everything in order.

The situation at the airport has started to become particularly bad on Saturdays when a large number of flights depart from the airport around the same time.

Icelandair is hoping to be able to offer a more streamlined process where passengers might e.g. add the necessary forms and test results to their booking using a dedicated app or website.

Until then travellers should try to be at the airport even earlier than usual. ai@mbl.is


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