Sign near eruption charges for parking

When tested by neither the QR code nor the …

When tested by neither the QR code nor the payment link were working. Ljósmynd/Kristján Örn Kristjánsson

A sign has appeared by a parking area at the start of the trail leading to the still active volcano in Geldingadalir.

The sign states that the parking area is on private property, belonging to Landeigendafélag Hrauns sf., and asks that visitors pay a fee of 1.000 krona (about 8 dollars or 6,5 euros) for each parked car. Visitors are instructed to scan a QR code linked to the Parka parking app, or to visit the website however neither the link nor the QR code are active, according to

The sign states that “parking fees are necessary to increase security, improve access and services and to protect nature,” and thanks visitors for their understanding.

There is no indication that the eruption will end anytime soon and maintains a webcam on site where readers can see the spectacle live. The second of three cameras has directed at the eruption was swallowed by the lava on Monday morning. When the camera was first put in place it was situated some 20 meters above the lava flow. The first camera met with the same fate early in April.




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