Police investigates Icelanders on OnlyFans

Icelandic police has begun an investigation into whether Icelanders are using the content subscription service OnlyFans in ways that go against Icelandic laws that prohibit the production and distribution of pornography.

In recent weeks Icelandic media has interviewed several Icelanders who sell their own erotic photos and videos through the OnlyFans website, spurring a heated debate on pornography, prostitution, sexual autonomy and freedom of speech.

Article 210 of the General Penal Code states that the any person responsible for pornography appearing in print may be subject to a fine or up to 6 months’ imprisonment. The same applies to producing or importing pornographic publications or films. However the law does not define in detail what type of material constitutes “pornography” and there are very few court cases where an attempt has been made to clarify the definition of the term.

OnlyFans is best known as a venue for people to provide video clips and photos of a sexual nature to their followers in return for a monthly subscription fee, by direct payment for individual content items or through tips collected on the OnlyFans chat and payment platform.

According to Mbl.is Icelandic OnlyFans contributors are unhappy with their activities being investigated. In an interview with Mbl.is one of the content creators, points out that OnlyFans is not exclusively used to distribute erotic or pornographic material but also less risqué material such as exercise videos. The same content creator claims to have consulted with a lawyer who concluded that her use of OnlyFans did not break the law. 




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