The Earthquake on Video

Vala Hafstað

The largest in a series of earthquakes to hit Reykjanes, Southwest Iceland, this morning was widely felt. It measured 5.7.

A video, sent to this morning illustrates well how violently furniture can shake during a strong earthquake.

To prevent accidents, the Icelandic Met Office encourages residents to make sure items in their homes are secure. Accidents can happen when heavy items fall down, be it cabinets or paintings.

Viktoría Líf lives on the seventh floor of an apartment building in the Breiðholt neighborhood in Reykjavík. “The cabinet, which stood against the wall, shook so much that it moved away from the wall,” she states. “We expected it to fall on us any time.”

She and her family decided to fasten the cabinet better after the quake hit.

See for yourself in the video she recorded.

Screenshot from the video


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