Vast Majority of Icelanders Intends to Get Vaccinated

Vala Hafstað

About 92 percent of Icelanders are determined or likely to get vaccinated for COVID-19 once a vaccine becomes available, reports.

This is the result of a poll conducted by Maskína. Nearly 61 percent of participants state they are determined to get vaccinated, while 31 percent state they will likely do so. By contrast, 2.4  percent state they are determined not to get vaccinated, and 5.6 percent state they probably won’t.

Men are more likely than women to be determined to get vaccinated, or 66 percent of them as opposed to 56 percent of women. Among those aged 60 and older, 77 percent are determined to get vaccinated, as opposed to 55-60 percent of younger people.

The more educated people are, the likelier they are to be determined to get vaccinated.

The poll, conducted online, included 919 participants, randomly selected from the national registry. The respondents are 18 and older, from all over the country. The poll was conducted November 30-December 4.

Vaccination for COVID-19 will be provided in Iceland free of charge. It will not be mandatory, but health officials have emphasized that in order to achieve herd immunity, close to 70 percent of the nation must be vaccinated.


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