One COVID-19-Related Death in Iceland

Vala Hafstað

One death from COVID-19 was announced on the website of Landspítali National University Hospital today – the first such death in Iceland during this wave of the disease. Ten people died during the first wave of the disease in Iceland in the spring. Chief Epidemiologist Þórólfur Guðnason stresses that this is not a harmless flu, and he expects news of the death to be a stark reminder to people of its severity.

He tells that the latest COVID-19 figures in Iceland may be an indication this wave of the pandemic is beginning to subside. The ratio of people who are already in quarantine when diagnosed is slightly increasing, giving reason for optimism.

There were 67 new domestic cases confirmed in Iceland yesterday, and 67 percent of the people diagnosed were already in quarantine.

Although this wave of the pandemic may be subsiding, Þórólfur stresses it is essential for people to continue their disease prevention efforts, since the situation can still go either way.

Proportionally, as many people require hospitalization during this wave of the pandemic as during the first wave in the spring, although fewer people have required intensive care.

Þórólfur is not sure what decision authorities will make with regard to his most recent memo to the minister of health on disease prevention measures. Current restrictions will expire Monday, but Þórólfur finds it likely that similar restrictions will remain in effect for another two weeks.




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