Much Stricter Rules in Capital Area

The 2-meter rule applies in the capital area.

The 2-meter rule applies in the capital area. Jóhannesson

Vala Hafstað

In response to the alarming news yesterday that 99 new domestic cases of COVID-19 had been confirmed the previous day, authorities in Iceland have enacted strict disease prevention rules in the capital area – stricter yet than the rules that took effect for the whole country Monday. These are expected to be in effect for at least two weeks.

The following applies to the capital area:

The 2-meter social distancing rule is in effect. Wherever the 2-meter rule cannot be respected, face masks must be worn.

The public is encouraged to stay at home as much as possible. Authorities advise against all non-essential travel to and from the capital area.

Employees are encouraged to work from home as much as possible.

Families are asked to send only one member of the family grocery shopping.

Organizers of events and activities are asked to postpone them for two weeks.

The maximum number of people allowed to gather at once is 20. This applies in the whole country. Magnússon

Preschools and grade schools will continue to operate as normal.

In secondary schools and universities, the 2-meter rule applies, and a maximum of 30 people may be in the same classroom.

In addition to fitness centers, which closed Monday, swimming pools are now closed.

No indoor sports are allowed. reports that outdoor sports events are allowed, but the number of spectators is limited to 20 in each area. Spectators must wear face masks.

Sports activities for children born 2005 and later may continue.

Children born 2005 and later are not required to wear face masks.

In theaters and at concerts, only 20 people may be in attendance. Face masks must be worn.

Pubs, night clubs and arcades continue to be closed. Restaurants may only stay open until 9 pm, instead of 11 pm. The 20-people maximum applies, as does the 2-meter rule. Ventilation must be sufficient and noise limited.

Finally, hair salons, barber shops, massage parlors, tattoo shops and beauty salons are not allowed to stay open.


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