Seven Covid-19 cases discovered at border screening

Out of 1.685 passengers tested at the Icelandic border on Tuesday seven had Covid-19 markers. Of those two have been confirmed to have already recovered from the infection while the test results of the remaining five have yet to be fully analysed for signs of an active infection.

Testing on Monday also revealed seven Covid-19-positive samples with two individuals carrying an active infection. A total of 1.319 tests were performed at the border that day.

There have been no new confirmed cases of Covid-19 in the Icelandic population since July 2nd.

Currently 20 people are in isolation due to a Covid-19 infection and a further 204 have self-quarantined. No one is currently hospitalized because of the virus.

Of the 59 cases of Covid-19 detected at the border 11 were found to have an active infection while 43 only had antibodies in their system. The final results of five samples are still pending.

In the first seven days of July the ratio of Covid-positive passengers arriving in Iceland each day has fluctuated between 0.11% and 0.53%.

According to the official Icelandic Covid-19 information portal,, a total of 1.880 cases of the virus have been confirmed in the country so far and 1.850 of those have made a full recovery while ten have died. Domestically 67.265 tests have been performed while 25.950 tests have been done at the border.




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