No New Case of COVID-19 in Iceland

Vala Hafstað

No new case of COVID-19 was confirmed in Iceland today, according to Therefore, the total number of confirmed cases stands at 1,807.

Three active cases of the disease remain, but no COVID-19 patient is hospitalized. Since May 1, only nine cases of the disease have been confirmed in the country. Eight of those were people who at the time of testing were not already in quarantine, but 57 percent of people who have tested positive in Iceland were already in quarantine when diagnosed.

A total of 62,911 people have been tested for the disease in Iceland, representing more than 17 percent of the nation. Quarantine has been completed by 21,469 people, and 812 people are still in quarantine. A total of ten people have died of the disease in Iceland.

When the country reopens its borders June 15, arriving travelers will have the option of being tested for the virus at the airport instead of spending 14 days in quarantine. They will be asked to download the app Rakning C-19, which helps authorities trace the source of transmission.


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