Horoscope for 2020

Fortune teller Sigga Kling.

Fortune teller Sigga Kling. mbl.is/Eggert Jóhannesson

Are you curious about the future? Icelandic fortune teller Sigga Kling’s horoscope has been

published by Morgunblaðið .

Following is a short summary of what to expect in 2020:


You love living in a place like Iceland, and inactivity is definitely not for you. After a turning point, you begin 2020 with both hands on the wheel, and you don’t need to yield to anyone. There is a great deal of liberty for you this year, meaning that you will travel unusually often. Your various projects will require traveling. You will see new places and be very busy, so the first few months of the year will go by very quickly.


You’ll spend the year strengthening the soul and taking it easy. Things won’t happen when you had planned, but everything is being rearranged. In the blink of an eye, everything will be according to plan. Beware of promises that sound too good to be true. Be careful, as if there were a yellow alert in effect. The summer will be great, allowing you to get to know people unlike yourself, and bringing you something unexpected, creating a subject for many stories.


An important year is ahead. At the beginning of the year, you may find that not much is happening, but your life will be enriched and people will notice you more than before. Wish for something bigger and be positive. Then, things will go much better. Love is shooting its arrows at you. One is your number this year, meaning that you will be open to novelties, courageous, and manage to overcome hindrances.


You’ll be in the limelight this year. In January, you’ll take an important trip on short notice, or plan an unexpected trip. You’ll get a lot of attention the first months of the year. Express your strong opinions carefully, even though you are right. Be patient with regard to money. Don’t treat love as a game. Don’t fall for temptations such as a one-night stand, which could put everything in your life upside down.


There is a colorful year ahead, which will take you where you feel your best, with regard to what you do and where you want to be. You will accomplish much, because you make the steps you need to, even without the help of others. You need someone in your love life whom you can trust. If things have been chaotic and messy, cut that connection as if getting rid of a disease. You can attract the person you deserve.


This is the year when you get things done that you had postponed, face what you fear and push all fear aside. You will complete, learn and get rid of what you don’t desire, slowly at first, but faster as the new goals become apparent once the old and boring disappears. People will fall for you romantically. You are born to be loved, so it’s up to you how far you let it go. Love can’t be stopped.


This will be a constructive year, teaching and showing you that you possess much more talent than you thought. You will use it to strengthen your life and make it more enjoyable. February will bring you power, and then you need to know who you are and where you’re headed, for you’ll come to a U-turn, which changes things for the better. Those of you who are in love will be passionate. You can attract the one you’re thinking of.


An unusual and exciting year is ahead. Already in January, you’ll be in your element. This year will feel like a thriller - be more dramatic and bring you more prosperity than the past. May and June will open new doors you didn’t expect to open. Surprised by how easy it is, you will celebrate, thereby increasing your success. July and August will be pleasant—you will nourish the soul and recharge.


The year ahead will be so refreshing that you can begin to applaud. You will find that you work best under pressure. You will be of great help to your family, where more people count on you than you think. You’ll be the strong one. The number eight hovers over you and means infinity. Near spring, opportunity arises regarding work, projects and housing. Make decisions quickly.


A year full of emotion and passion. If you worry about love, do something unexpected and fun for the person you love to balance it. Too much speed, buying spree or other chaos can drive you crazy, so remember to take at least ten deep breaths before throwing yourself into the whirlpool of consumption. May will bring luck in investment. Make decisions quickly.


You know the game you need to know to live, when to speak and when not to. You will get out of conditions that are bothering you and live life to the fullest. If you’re in a relationship where you have doubts about love, you can bring back strong sentiments and love and renew the love. Progress requires work. Many people will renew their relationships, but not everyone needs another person to be whole.


Your family and home can expect great prosperity. April, though, will bring hindrances, so don’t make any important decisions during that month. You will be in your element with your family, your love and friends, enjoying great popularity, but be humble and modest. You’ll profit from an investment or be paid in advance, but beware of your obsessions, so think of what you constantly desire, which is a good obsession.




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