Electric Scooters for Rent in Reykjavík

Vala Hafstað

You can now rent an electric scooter in Iceland and be part of the latest transport trend in the nation. The electric scooter rental Hopp began operation in Reykjavík Friday – the first of its kind in the country.

“People choose this [mode of transport], because it is environmentally friendly,” Karen Ósk Gylfadóttir tells mbl.is. She is the marketing director of Nova, a telecommunications company which cooperates with Hopp in the rental service. People of all ages ride the electric scooters. Some use them for recreation, while for others, they are the main mode of transport.

The scooters have become increasingly visible lately all around Reykjavík. You can see for yourself in the video above. When the rental opened Friday, Icelanders, as well as tourists, took advantage of the service. For more information about the scooter rental Hopp, see this article.

Electric scooters do, in fact, seem to be the new craze in Iceland, having sold out at every major dealer. It is estimated that about a thousand of them have hit the streets. Even large workplaces, such as Landspítali National University Hospital, are taking advantage of the technology for employees to get from place to place indoors and between buildings.

Superintendent Guðbrandur Sigurðsson states that the scooters have not yet created a problem on sidewalks. He stresses that they must yield to pedestrians on sidewalks and may not be ridden on roads.

The Icelandic Transport Authority recently published guidelines for those who ride electric scooters. Although the scooters may not be ridden on roads, their riders must follow the same rules as cyclists when it comes to safety equipment and riding along walking trails. The electric scooters are designed for speeds of 6-25 km/hour (4-15 mph).

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