Over 39,000 Shotguns in Iceland

Vala Hafstað

Altogether, 7,856 shotguns were newly registered in Iceland from 2010 through July 2019. Newly registered rifles during the same period were 7,782 and newly registered handguns were 1,357.

This is revealed by statistics, published this week on the website of the Icelandic Police.

The number of newly registered shotguns was 1,096 in 2010 and 1,052 the following year, but from 2012-2017, the number was less than 800 a year. Last year, it was up to 1,178.

The total number of registered shotguns in Iceland is 39,475, while rifles count 25, 573 and handguns 3,686 (at least 1,115 of which are so-called sheep guns).

The numbers include firearms which have been destroyed, deactivated, transported between countries or exported. Police firearms are not included in the numbers.

The number of individuals in Iceland who have a firearms certification A is 14,997, and in recent years roughly 600-700 people a year have gone through training to obtain such a certificate. 


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