Marriott Shipped from China

Vala Hafstað

Earlier this week, a 150-room hotel was unloaded from a cargo ship in Helguvík harbor on the Reykjanes peninsula, Southwest Iceland, and is now being assembled a short distance from Keflavík International Airport, Morgunblaðið reports. This is a new Marriott hotel, made up of 78 steel units from China, according to Víkurfréttir.

Árni Valur Sólonsson, owner of the Capital Hotels chain and franchisee of the Marriott hotel, reports that the work is going well. The units are hoisted onto the wharf in Helguvík and then driven to the construction area, where they are subsequently assembled.

“This is going to happen very fast in the next few days, especially if the weather stays this good,” he notes. He estimates that assembling the building will take about ten days.  When asked what happens after that, he responds, “What remains to be done is to finish the seams, waterproof between the units, and more. Then, we need to dress the units up in an Icelandic weather coat.”

The hotel is scheduled to open this winter, most likely by the end of December or in January.

You can see more photos here.




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