Congratulations, Great-Great-Great-Grandpa!

Lárus Sigfússon.

Lárus Sigfússon. Magnússon

Vala Hafstað

Lárus Sigfússon got great news on July 7: his great-great-great-granddaugter was born, making him a great-great-great-grandfather. Not many people live to earn that title. But, admittingly, Lárus is older than most, having turned 104 on February 5. His great-great-grandson Fannar Óli Þorvaldsson, father of the baby girl, will turn 18 in October. The girl’s mother, Heba Rós Fjeldsted, is 18. They live in Borgarnes, West Iceland.

No picture has yet been taken of the six generations - Lárus Sigfússon, 104; Gréta Lárusdóttir, 78; Hjalti Júlíusson, 60; Þorvaldur Hjaltason, 41; Fannar Óli Þorvaldsson, 17; and the baby girl Fannarsdóttir, born July 7.

Genealogist Jónas Ragnarsson, who edits the Facebook page Langlífi (longevity), tells Morgunblaðið there are five known instances in Iceland of six generations being alive in one family at the same time: in 1974, 1989, 2008, 2010 and now. To make this possible, he states that the oldest of the six people must be about 100 years old when the youngest one is born, and the age difference between the generations needs to be about 20 years on average.

He notes there are several families where five generations are living, and that those are more commonly in the female line of descent.

Baby girl Fannarsdóttir.

Baby girl Fannarsdóttir.


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