From Frost to 20°C Next Week

Vala Hafstað

“More incredible than words can express,” is how Einar Sveinbjörnsson, meteorologists at the Icelandic Met Office describes extremes in the Icelandic weather these days on his Facebook page yesterday. Although the north and east will see snow showers this weekend, a major change is on the way next week with soaring temperatures.

This weekend, a hat and mitten will be needed in parts of the country, while shorts may be more appropriate next week.

Meteorologist Teitur Arason, at the Icelandic Met Office, expects considerable night frost for the two coming nights, which may affect vegetation and the nesting of birds. Temperatures as low as minus 4°C (25°F) are forecast tomorrow morning in parts of the east and west.

Ari describes the cold May weather as normal. “This is in fact a very mild cold spell, because there is not much precipitation,” he states. 

The Icelandic Met Office warns that roads in the north and east could get icy in places over the weekend, especially mountain roads. They advise checking road conditions at before traveling.

There will be snow showers in many places in North and Northeast Iceland, even in the lowlands, into Sunday morning. In a sharp turn of events, though, Ari believes we’ll see temperatures of 20°C (68°F) by the end of next week. A warm front moves northwards over Iceland on Monday, resulting in a massive change. 

The latest forecast from the Icelandic Met Office calls for temperatures in the east to reach 14°C (57°F) already by Wednesday.

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11 °C


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12 °C



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