New Lighthouse in Reykjavík

Vala Hafstað

A new lighthouse has been installed for Reykjavík Harbor, by Sæbraut. This lighthouse replaces an older one, in the tower of Sjómannaskólinn (Seamen’s School), the view of which has been blocked in recent years by tall apartment buildings at Höfðatorg.

Although ships and boats nowadays are equipped with advanced navigation systems, port authorities found it necessary to install a lighthouse to lead the way past Engey island.

The lighthouse looks similar to those at the Old Harbor, which originate from the 1910s.

In addition to guiding sailors, the lighthouse is expected to become a major tourist attraction. Its location offers a great view across the ocean. Not only is it located across the street from Höfði House, but also only a five-minute walk from Jón Gunnar Árnason’s Sun Voyager, both of which are popular with tourists. 

It will be a few weeks yet, though, before the lights are turned on. Workers are busy completing that part of the installation.


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