Birna murder case soon back to court

Thomas Møller Ol­sen, who was sentenced to nineteen years imprisonment for the murder of Birna Brjánsdóttir in January  last year and for a narcotics offence will be appearing before the Icelandic national court to whom he appealed the case. 

His defendant has demanded that a new statement be made of Møller Ol­sen. He will also be trying on a parka which was found bloody in the Polar Nanoq fishing trawler. Møller Ol­sen wishes to try the parka on before the court to see if it is his or not. The parka is a size medium but Møller Ol­sen weighed 94 kilos and measured 184 cm in height when he was arrested. 

A date for the principal proceedings will be decided at a later date. 


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