The bell that took a hit

If you’ve noticed a bell on the lawn in front of the Catholic Church of Reykjavík recently, you will be surprised to hear the story behind it.

“This bell was meant for the church tower,” Jakob Rolland, chancellor of Diocese of Reykjavík, told Morgunblaðið. “It arrived in the country in 1927, along with two others, and they were consecrated by Bishop Marteinn Meulenberg.” The bell, however, never made it up to the tower, because it had a defect.

“The story goes that the evening before Meulenberg was scheduled to consecrate the bells, he invited his priests to come and take a closer look at the bells. Meulenberg wanted them to hear how the bell tolled and hit it with a hammer, creating a crack,” Rolland relates.

The bell has been behind the church for a long time, but has now been moved to a more prominent place on the front lawn.




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