Moving Fast at 79

Among the participants in  today’s 27-km trail race in Barðsnes, the East Fjords, is 79-year-old psychiatrist Ingólfur Sveinsson. This will be his 22nd year participating, but he is also the person who first organized the race, Morgunblaðið reports. He grew up in Barðsnes, located in Norðfjörður fjord.

“Barðsnes was abandoned in 1955, and nowadays, no one lives there. It used to be a fishing village. This was during the era of row boats, at a time when it was practical to row from there, rather than from the town. When motor boats arrived, everything changed,” Ingólfur explains.

The race involves running over moors, swamps, beaches and fields. Contestants must even wade across Norðfjarðará river. Typically, 50 people participate, and this year, many of them are from abroad.

Ingólfur plans to participate in the Reykjavík Marathon on August 18 as well, as he has done since 1984, provided he survives the Barðsnes race without injury. He loves running out in nature, as he does in the Barðsnes race. “Exploring the country this way is so enjoyable, and Iceland is such a beautiful country,” he declares and stresses how important it is to have events like this one, to encourage people to exercise.




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