Unisex Restrooms in Reykjavík

At its first meeting, Reykjavík City’s Human Rights and Democracy Council unanimously approved that all staff restrooms in the city’s public administration buildings will be unisex as of this fall.

The council also decided to launch an assessment of restroom facilities in buildings where the city provides services, so that suggestions can be made for improvements to accommodate the different needs of citizens.

This will be done in cooperation with the appropriate interest groups. A statement from the city suggests that by keeping restrooms open to all, along with private restrooms where appropriate, the needs of many groups are met, such as trans and intersex individuals, children and children with disabilities who are accompanied by parents of the opposite sex. The private restrooms would also be useful to people with health problems.

“The aim of the resolution,” the statement reads, “is to fight prejudice and create improved access for all to every aspect of society.”


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